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2021/2022 School Day Info-

Student Forms, waiver, contract and curriculum deposits must be completed by July 15th to ensure their enrollment position for the 2021-2022 school year.

Lunch- Students will have a 25 minute lunch period. Students should bring their lunch each day. We do have a small microwave available for student use. However, please be courteous of your classmates and do not bring a lunch that requires extended microwave use. A quick 1-2 minute warm up is fine. Students are permitted to order hot lunch on Fridays through DoorDash or another food delivery service.

Snacks and Water Bottles- Staying hydrated is very important to proper brain function. Each student should bring a reusable water bottle each day. Snacks are encouraged. Keep your area clean and do not be disruptive so that we can keep this policy relaxed and everyone can stay comfortable in their environment.

School Dress Code- Legacy High School is located upstairs in the the offices at Lifepointe Church. We encourage students to represent themselves in a manner that is independent to their own personal style but also respectful of the professional environment in which we operate day to day functions. Students are required to dress out for Physical Education class on Wednesdays and they should plan accordingly for these activities. We do not have uniforms, students do have hoodies and tshirts to wear throughout the year and at special functions.

Homework, Studying, Projects- We believe that students in high school need to learn to plan and use their time appropriately. We do not assign homework as we encourage our students to be involved in their communities; sports, volunteerism, church, or other outreach activities. Tests do require students to study at home and this facilitates the student organizing their time which is a skill they will need well after high school is over. Projects are done in class and parents are encouraged NOT to participate. The goal is to raise up independent thinkers who pass or fail by their own effort not the effort of mom or dad helping them at the last minute to turn in assignments they had 2 weeks to prepare for in class.

Communication- Good communication is key for success of this program. New students will have an initial conference at enrollment and an additional conference will be scheduled within the first few weeks of school to discuss program plans and student abilities. Formal conferences will be scheduled in January and May to discuss student progress. I am available to meet with parents as often as needed for an individual student. Please never hesitate to call or text me to discuss any problems or concerns you may have (not between 6pm-6am unless it is an emergency please).

Tuition/Payments/Donations- Please make all checks payable to Legacy Foundation Inc.

Tuition payments are due the first of each month for those who choose to pay monthly. You will receive a monthly invoice and are able to pay online.

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2021-2022 Supply List

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